We talked to Common Mag about our unique spot in the tattoo industry

Tiff, Ketzia, and Clare are passionate, insightful, and savvy business women who have created a bright, welcoming shop for all. After our conversation, I immediately started setting aside funds for my next tattoo, which will definitely be done at HeartStrong. I hope to see you there with me, supporting this wonderful shop!

Common mag


We met with InkBox to talk about our contribution to the tattoo community.

“Heartstrong is a new artist-focused shop in downtown Toronto opened by Tiff Lee, Clare Castello, and Ketzia Kobrah. Learn all about their work, their views towards the current state of the industry, and so much more in this tattoo shop spotlight.”


Our very own Tiff Lee made the cut!

“9 Canadian tattoo artists you've got to check out”