Our Artists


Tiff Lee

Tiff has been tattooing for seven years and specializes in a variety of styles, but loves colourful neo-traditional pieces, colour/black and grey realism most. 

Her attention to detail, gentleness, and bright personality shines through all of her art. 

She also loves dogs just a little bit. 

To book with Tiff, email: tiffleeillustrations@gmail.com or fill out our booking form.

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Clare Castello

Clare specializes in bold blackwork with plenty of spooky, mythological imagery. Her combination of soft shading with heavy black creates dynamic work.

Her sharp wit and endless stories leave most in stitches.

She insists that black is a colour.

Contact over Instagram for bookings or send her an email: clarecastello@gmail.com or fill out our booking form.

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Ketzia Kobrah

Ketzia specializes in illustrative tattooing with bright spot colours, but is always pushing the boundaries on her artistic direction.

All lovers of vibrant pinks, pastels, and delicate imagery will feel at home in her world.

Her favourite things are brunch and more brunch.

Contact over Instagram for bookings or send her an email: kobrahtattoo@gmail.com or fill out our booking form.

Bek Murrell

Bek creates work with a high amount of dynamic movement usually involving flora and fauna with dark twist. 

Her love of animals and folklore motivate all of her pieces. 

If you want her to open up, just ask about roller derby.

Contact over Instagram for bookings or send her an email: bek.murrell@gmail.com or fill out our booking form.

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Pearl Tattoo of cute fox head with flowers

Pearl Clapp

Pearl crafts beautifully illustrative depictions of woodland animals and plants .

She is passionate about all things handcrafted and is constantly at work on her own projects. She’s at her happiest in a cozy space with a good album on (and preferably also a dog).

Through Pearl is only in two days a week, we always have a hidden Pearl in the shop. Come down and see us to try finding her.

Contact over for email for bookings: pearlclapp@gmail.com or fill out our booking form.

Kate St. Louis

Kate is our social media manager who helps with reception, emails, and planning events. 

She is the face behind our Instagram @heartstrongtattoo . If you ever have any questions (or pictures of cute dogs to share) send them her way and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

In her free time she loves to literally feed her brunch addiction with Ketzia.

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Gabe Murrell

Gabe is our lovely desk person! He helps make sure our space is always beautiful, getting bak to emails, and is often the first face you’ll see coming into the shop.

While you’re waiting around, ask him about some movies he’s seen lately and you’ll be sure to get some solid reviews and recommendations before you leave.